About us

We are a Strategic Planning and Brand Development Advisory working for global fashion and luxury brands. We provide advice and implement operations for the wholesale, retail, and digital omnichannel markets.


Our unique selling point

We are the only external sales agency in Paris with the structure, international network and strategy expertise able to work in perfect tandem with in-house teams, and international organizations irrespective of the size of the brand.

We aim to be a major component of the brand’s team. We act as our clients sales Department « at Large » in perfect synergie with internal teams.

In essence, we are the go-to ressource for successful sales strategies and implementation.


Wholesale business development

Through our showrooms and international affiliate Agents network, we deliver a unique customised execution for growth.

Plan 8 presents a seasonal multi-brand showroom in Paris to highlight new talent and expose Clients’ portfolios 4 times during the official Paris Fashion Week calendar of collections: Menswear & Pre-Collections every January and June. Women’s collections every March and September.